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The Chakras are THE foundational energy system of the body and have the power to impact (for better or worse) all aspects of our seen and unseen worlds. Abundance, energy, possibilities… all are affected by our chakra health, yet most of us don’t even know how to say the word chakra let alone balance one. The good news? You don’t have to be a guru to get this system working at optimum levels!

The path to chakra health is simple and starts with 5 foundational “need to knows.”

 In this 1-week FREE mini course you’ll learn…

#1 What Chakras are

We keep it simple and straight forward. No need to complicate it!

#2 Who has them 

And who doesn’t! You might be surprised. 🙂

#3 How they work

Easy explanations with clear action steps to get your chakras spinning!

#4 Where they are located

And why you should care! We’ll teach you how to recognize the indicators in your life.

#5 Why Chakras matter

We connect all the dots so you have the FULL picture of what is happening in your physical and energetic bodies.

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In addition to the daily “deeper dive” emails that expand each topic in your guide, we also jump on Facebook Live every day to share companion principles that will fast track your journey! Seriously, team. If you use the guide and follow the principles, you have everything you need to jumpstart your chakra health. This stuff is SOOOO good!

I am a wife, mother to 6, and I work as an administrative assistant. I didn’t know anything about chakras except that I believed they were made up of pretty colors and only special people could see them. I thought that I had to have super talent to even understand their importance or how to navigate through them… It doesn’t take a “gifted” person to get this! I have found greater balance just by taking action steps to get into better alignment. Thank You World Tree Institute!! <3

Debbie W.

Administrative Assistant